Leaders resign in student storm

The Daily Post also carries a report this morning on the resignation of the President and Executive after last night’s vote of no confidence:

The president, the deputy president, and the whole executive of Liverpool University Guild of Undergraduates resigned after a stormy meeting last night.

Then, in a shock move, the 60-strong Guild voted to sell the Guild’s stockholdings, valued  at about £28,000. A move to send the money to freedom fighters in Rhodesia and South Africa was defeated.

The storm blew up over the invitation to Lord Salisbury, the university Chancellor, to attend the recent Students’ Union dinner and dance.

Because of a sit-in by some students who objected to his views on Rhodesia, Lord Salisbury did not in fact go.

Last night, the Guild passed a vote of no confidence in the president, Mr Alexander MacMillan, and deputy president, Miss Caroline Farmer, for issuing the invitation. Miss Farmer was criticised for presenting a bouquet to Lady Salisbury.

About 200 students attending the meeting as observers voiced disapproval of the motion and the nine man executive resigned in sympathy with Mr MacMillan and Miss Farmer.

The motion was then put forward that the share and stockholdings of the guild should immediately be sold. A suggestion that legally this could not be done was 0verruled.

A student spokesman said that there appeared to be nothing to stop the students withdrawing the money if they so wished, and in fact substantial cash balances could also be obtained as Liverpool Students Union was responsible to itself.

Under the articles of the Union all money collected was “for the use and for the good of the students.” The spokesman added, “It is a matter of law as to what these words mean. It is claimed that if the students want the money to help causes they think right, then they have a right to demand it.”

Mr HH Burchnall, the University Registrar, said later that above the executive treasurer of the union, there was a senior treasurer, a member of  the academic staff. “He must see all cheques affecting the union,” he said, adding that there could be a question of whether last night’s motion contravened any part of the Charity Act.


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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