‘I won’t quit’, says Salisbury after protest

The Liverpool Echo today reports that Lord Salisbury says he won’t quit after the ‘dinner protest’:

‘It was just a minority who were protesting and I think they were most discourteous.  They seem to want majority rule in Central and Southern Africa, but not in their own university’.

About 200 [students] held a six-hour sit-in at Mountford hall and planned a demonstration for the dinner at the University’s Sefton Room.   However, Lord Salisbury, his wife Lady Salisbury and other guests did not turn up.

The dinner started with almost half the seats empty as students stood round the tables. Some of the guests stood and applauded after one of the student leaders made a speech setting out the students’ objections.

Mr. Sandy Macmillan, President of the Student Union, said Lord Salisbury did not attend the dinner on his advice. ‘In view of the situation’, he said, ‘we had no alternative’.


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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