More wasted effort

This is the lead story in the current issue of Guild Gazette – the continuing saga of deadlock and resignations on Guild Council:

Once again Guild Council has been reduced to a farce.  This was not the fault of Council.  A vociferous handful of observers – not Guild councillors, but claiming to represent themselves – reduced it to this state.

Council began with a debate on the election of officers and Executive of Guild which was constantly interrupted by members of the Politics Society claiming they were entitled to have 64 representatives on Guild Council.

After two fruitless hours of argument it was decided in principle that people who wished to would be able to stand for President, Deputy President and for the three Vice-President posts on one ballot paper, preceded by two days of hustings.

Sandy Macmillan then gave a resume of the workings of the Structure Commission.  Jon Snow (observer) complained about lack of publicity for the forthcoming elections to the Structure Commission and demanded that Mr P Brown, VP for Guild Affairs, give an explanation. […]

The result of all this was that Jon Snow and Jackie Munton, the only two candidates, withdrew their nominations and Council agreed to postpone the election to give more time for nominations to be received.

Next, a noisy discussion followed on the observer status of Mr D Robertson, and the walkout of Messrs Cresswell, Davies, Allen and Graham from the Structure Commission.  A motion of censure was passed on the three members, Messrs Macmillan, Dodgson and Johnson, who chose to remain because they believed the interests of the Guild could best be served by continuing negotiations with the Senate.

Mr Swingler and Mr Black then instigated an argument over what right Council had to sit.  They claimed that the whole of Council resigned last term.  A ruling by Miss Farmer, chairing the meeting at this point, was challenged and Mr Brown took over […]


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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