Back to work

9 December 1969

The editorial in today’s Guild Gazette is a response by editor Stewart Darby to the recent referendum vote on mass meetings:

A referendum has been held.  The result was decisive in a high poll, by Guild standards.  Almost 2000 voted in support of Guild Council and only 700 in support of mass meetings.  Those who did not vote presumably do not care either way.

Now that the thinking people in this Union have demonstrated the inclination of their thoughts, it should be possible to get back to running the Guild of Undergraduates in the normal manner.

The small minority whose belief in the democratic nature of mass meetings is so strong that it will go to almost any lengths to secure their introduction, must now accept lack of support. They must now realise that the large majority prefer the safeguards of the Guild Council system and distrust the practical application of ‘mass democracy’.

Now that the game is over, Guild Council and the Executive must be allowed to get on with the work for which they were elected.  […]


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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