Talks condemn tour

25 November 1969

Today Guild Gazette carries this account of the debate on the South African rugby tour at the NUS Conference in Margate:

Non-violent demonstrators against the current tour of Great Britain and Ireland by the South African rugby team received overwhelming support yesterday. This came in the form of a unanimous vote in favour of a comprehensive motion on the subject at the National Union of Students Conference in Margate.

The NUS Executive has been mandated to send at least one observer and one participatory member to all matches that are yet to be played by the Springboks.

During the debate, Mr Richard Davies, an executive member of NUS and last year’s Guild President, came out strongly in favour of deleting the words ‘non-violent’  from the motion. Conference having decided to support the Zimbabwe Freedom Fighters, Mr Davies said it is hypocritical to participate only in non-violent, ineffectual demonstrations.

Replying to this, Mr Preston, another Executive member, accused Mr Davies of  hypocrisy. “He has the protection of the laws of this country; the freedom fighters have no such protection.”

The Conference, in passing the motions also condemned the complicity shown bv the Universities of London and Birmingham in their continued sponsorship of the University College of Rhodesia. […]


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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