Mass meeting rumpus grows

11 November 1969

This is the front page lead story in this week’s Guild Gazette, on the decision by Guild Council to call a referendum on transfer of power to mass meetings for a trial period:

A referendum is being sought on the question of mass meetings.  This follows a Guild Council meeting last Friday [7 November] ratified a motion passed on Monday [3 November] delegating the Council’s powers of decision to mass meetings for a limited period.

After three hours of debate into the early hours of Tuesday morning, Guild Council decided to accept the Executive recommendation that ‘Guild Council delegates its power of decision on behalf of the Guild of Undergraduates to a quorate mass meeting of registered voting members of the Guild for a period from midnight 30.11.1969 to midnight 16.5.1970’.

Proposed by Mr Sandy Macmillan, this meant that a mass meeting was to be the SOVEREIGN BODY within the Guild of Undergraduates and that any decision it made was binding.

“A Referendum will be held to ascertain the opinion of all students on this arrangement,” said Sandy Macmillan. “Until then, no final decision can be made concerning the sovereignty of mass meetings”. […]


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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