Mac’s merry members

28 October 1969

The current issue of Guild Gazette has this feature profiling the Guild President and his Executive:

Mr AI ‘Sandy’ Macmillan

The President of Guild is a student of Building Science; though his year as President is sabbatical. He lives in a house facing Sefton Park, and his father is just up the road – as Warden of McNair Hall. He has been criticised for centralising the power of Guild and not informing other members of  Executive what is happening.

Thought to be fairly skilled in the arts of in-fighting, he was elected on a moderate ticket and will probably be prepared to shift his ground slightly to ensure he is on the winning side. Mr Macmillan is against mass meetings – though during his election campaign he did offer to try them for an experimental six months. Characteristically, he never said which six months.

Miss Jacqueline E Munton

Is an ordinary member of executive, attached to the Guild Affairs Office. Out of term she lives in Harrow, Middlesex. Miss Munton is thought to be hard working, and she probably does not participate in the in-fighting which some say goes on in executive. Here again, Miss Munton is not known to hold any outspoken views of her own – though she is thought to be moderately in favour of mass meetings.

Jonathan D Snow

Is an ordinary member of executive, arttached to the Internal Affairs Office.  Mr Snow is a man who likes to make his views known.  He is one of the few on executive who favour mass meetings, and will probably spend much of his time promoting them.

At the moment he has only just returned from the Comex expedition and so his effect upon the Internal Affairs Office is not yet known. Mr Snow is normally a ‘loner’ and he is not thought to hold Mr Macmillan in much esteem.

Miss Caroline Farmer

The Deputy President of Guild who organised this year’s Freshers’ Conference, like last year’s Lady President, is of the Arts Faculty. Out of vacations she lives not far away, at Heswall, on the Wirral. Unlike Macmillan, who always gives the impression of being at the hub of things whether he is or not, one gets the feeling that events by-pass Miss Farmer. Known to be in favour of mass meetlngs, she is going to have her work cut out to make much impression on many of the other members of executive – who are, by a majority- against them.

Mr Peter Brown

The Vice-President for Guild Affairs, lives at York out of term. He is known to be against mass meetings and very bravely made a big point of this in his election campaign for President last year. He works hard for the Guild, and is, perhaps unfairly, not a popular figure.

Unfortunately he has a reputation as being a little emotional – though this might be because he has a sense of ‘fair play’ which is not always accommodated by others.

Tony B Charlwood

The Vice-President for Internal Affairs is an ex-Editor of Guild Gazette, and out of term he lives at St Annes-on-Sea. He was the campaign manager of Sandy Macmillan’s successful attempt at the Presidency.

Internal Affairs is one of the more arduous offices on the first floor, but after some early traumas he seems to have settled in.

Mr Charlwood, a fairly close confidant of the President, is also thought to be against mass meetings – though he very rarely commits himself at all.

Neil D Lewis

An ordinary member of Executive, lives in Liverpool all the year round. Known to be against mass meetings, he thus aligns himself with Brown, Charlwood and Macmillan; though which one in particular is not easy to say. He is attached to the Guild Affairs Office, where he is often to be seen, and is probably one of the most efficient members of executive.

Mr. Lewis is not known for any particularly individual points of view, and if he did have he might not manage to push against the ”bigger fish”.

Alan G Moss

Is an ordinary member of executive attached to Internal Affairs.  Mr Moss is probably the ”find” of the year, for he is proving a competent aid to Mr Charlwood. Although he is thought to be against mass meetlngs, he  always gives the impression of a man who will listen to somebody whose views he does not agree with.

Mr. Moss is certainly a good listener though there may be some doubt about his public speaking ability. Nevertheless, he has the aura of efficiency about him, and could be destined for greater things.

David H Christie

Is an ordinary member of executive, attached to the Financial Affairs Office. As Mr Macmillan has assumed the duties of VPFA, it is difficult to assess Mr Christies’ contribution to the proceedings. Nevertheless he moved straight to the hub of things last week, when he proposed a censure motion on Mr Peter Brown.

No matter how ill-conceived this venture, it does show that he does intend to make some kind of contribution – and make his views felt. Out of term, Mr Christie lives near Glasgow.

Michael D Dodgson

Is an ordinary member of executive, attached to the Financial Affairs Office. Here, again, it is difficult to ascertain his contribution to that department, because there is no V.P.F.A. at present.  Mr Dodgson, however, is a friend of Mr Macmillan, with whom he shares a house.

He is valuable, in that he is a Medic, and therefore might be held to be a representative of a bloc of students not normally well-represented on executive. His views are thought to be moderate – if only because of his connection with Mr Macmillan.


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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