Gazette opinion on the housing protest

6 May 1969

Guild Gazette prints its editorial on the front page today – on the subject of the slum housing owned by the University:

The University may deny that it is a bad landlord. But the fact is that money has been spent on Senate House in preference to (i) faculty buildings, (ii) repairs to University-owned property.

The men in Senate have totally failed to recognise the ill-feeling caused by their lack of attention to the needs ot its tenants.

Now the tenants are to embarrass the University – in front of Princess Alexandra and a whole host of people.

Good luck to them.

The Abercromby Tenants Association could furnish evidence to show that their needs are not worried about very much by our administrators.

Less than six months ago ‘Gazette’ exposed the conditions of houses in University-owned Melville Place – now almost completely sold to the Corporation.

It is time that the men in Senate got to grips with the real issues in and around this University. They seem to act as if the campus were isolated on the Sussex Downs or the Essex fens.

This is a city university – with city problems – basic problems for many. It is a question of priority. Which should come first; a castle for the bureaucrats, or homes for the poor?

Most of the houses in the Abercromby area will be taken over, eventually, for University development.

The men in Senate have the power to make it sooner for many people. Instead, they build themselves a palace and import a Princess to open it.


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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