Record turnout in Presidential election

18 March 1969

Guild Gazette today has the result of the Presidential elections for the 1969/70 session (the election addresses are posted here):

The voting turn-out in the presidential elections was the largest ever at this University. Almost 50 per cent of those on the electoral roll voted this year, compared with 38 percent last year.

First Count:

P. Brown-254
G. Graham-690
A. Macmillan-1,100
D. Robertson- 633

No candidate having reached the requisite quota of 1,340 votes, Mr. P Brown was eliminated from the poll and his second preference votes counted.

Second Count:

G. Graham -755
A. Macmillan -1,233
D. Robertson -668

Mr. D. Robertson was then eliminated from the poll and his second preference votes counted.

G. Graham -1,103
A. Macmillan -1,397

In the election for Deputy President (a post yet to be defined and declared constitutional by Guild Council) a recount was necessary.

Miss R. Blackmore -1,248
Miss C. Farmer -1,274

Gazette editorial

The editorial in this issue of Guild Gazette includes this assessment of the significance of these elections, by editor Ian Dexter:

Probably the most interesting point about the election was the massive poll. The fifty per cent turnout was the highest-ever at Liverpool, and may well be the highest throughout the country in university presidential election.

Continually we are told that students at Liverpool University are apathetic and are incapable of democratic participation in any form. This election proves that when there is something of real importance afoot, people will make their feelings known. Similarly, almost three hundred attended the Guild Council Meeting last Monday evening, to put forward their views on Senate representation.

Other results

Gazette also has the results of the elections in the Politics Society:

Dave Jenkins, by a substantial majority, was elected President of the Politics Society, for the year 1969-70.

Mrs Iris Warburton was elected Secretary; John Earl as Treasurer; and Sue Rosinger as Guild Representative.

An assorted group of organisers, participants and Guild officers relax after the Inter-Varsities Debating Competition and a very good meal. From left to right: Mr Richard Davies, President of Guild; Miss Nancy Robertson; Mr David Ford, Trinity College, Belfast; and the winner, Ian Connell; runner up, Mr Frank Milner, from Liverpool; Mr Norman Cass; Mr Dave Robertson; and Miss Margaret Kear, Lady President of Guild.

Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

One thought on “Record turnout in Presidential election”

  1. For the benefit of the Class of 69, if no others, it may be worth pointing out that this election was fought on overtly political lines, not a regular feature of such elections.

    Brown pitched for the ‘hard Right’ and Macmillan for the ‘soft Right’. Gavin Graham bid for the moderate Left; I represented the ‘hard Left’. You’d not know much of this from each manifesto although reading between the lines tells you something.

    The turn-out was indeed unprecedented. We campaigned in front of huge audiences across the University. I vividly remember the raw hostility I encountered in a packed meeting of 300+ in the Medical faculty, at the end of which, as we were leaving, someone came down the steeply tiered lecture theatre steps and took flying kick at me. I recall being in some shock afterwards. Toughened me up for meetings of the District Labour Party in the 1980s though 🙂

    Not every meeting turned to violence. After speaking in front of 200 Law students in their Moot Chamber, I received a huge ovation. Rather surprised to be so warmly received, I ask Richard Davies if that meant the faculty would vote in my favour. “Not at all”, he said candidly, “they’re lawyers. They don’t agree with anything you said, but they loved the way you said it.” 🙂

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