Only 30 turn up

19 March 1968

This rather pathetic account of student participation appears in today’s Guild Gazette:

Student power is news.  The Presidential elections at Essex and Sussex made the inside pages of the Express.  But here in Liverpool, the first of the “Mass Meetings” in the Mountford Hall attracted only 30 people. […]

It remains to be seen whether [students] will come into the Union to vote. 70% of the student population are in digs, flats or at home, and they seem to have little or no contact with the campaigns. […]

Last year, only 22% of male and 33% of female students voted at the Presidential elections.  More recently there was the Guild referendum on disaffiliation, where little more than 500 people voted.  Clearly, most people feel unconcerned by student political affairs.

The 30 who turned up on Tuesday were mainly Guild councillors and a few militant left-wingers.  The candidates for President and Lady President were duly proposed, though the proposers’ speeches did little more than repeat the manifestos printed in last week’s Gazette. […]


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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